ENTITY…………”Human Association and politics”

Mediocrity!  Pretension! Resentment! Decimation! Victimisation! Scheme! Greediness! 

Sometimes I feel in my inner man that Human sides are not just of “Good” and “Bad”. I am very certain about this; Human sides are of different sides and shades, or should I just say Mega-personality attitudes and characters,  I do not mean to sound too critical or offensive but I am most definitely sure of my analysis over these years.  I seriously spend my time trying to read and take close examinations about the stuffs and materials we humans and individuals are fashioned from. “Yes GOD made us to look exactly like him” in other words we are meant to be supernatural,wise,strong,relentless,upright,gentle, loving ,caring,sympathetic, affectionate above all is “LOVE ” Which stands as the greatest of all. Vanquish LOVE and everything will become a big mess on you. Oh! Really? You think it is funny? Try it and it will be hard for you to buy your loyalty back.