Any funny fashion mistake we make should not be a cause for alarm,  many made that same mistake and it was so accepted as TREND. Try to create your own dressing techniques, try to brain storm think out your own style, examine your body, get use to your contour, your skin tone, eye colour, hair, name it. This will serve as an expo to your own style. Who knows, someone out there could be very grateful.

The way you express yourself. Hmm mm!  Lol, this is an issue, I mean, very paramount. Enjoy your voice,  just enjoy it. Trying to talk or imitate someone will totally get you off track. Be creative, balance your rising and falling tones it all starts from just this, then work on your breathing synapses I’m very sure you will get to discover something very special about your voice or the way you talk.

Do Dot forget we are still on STYLE. Fashion does not really end with just your fabrics.


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